Internationalisation Strategy

Cover strategy

Strategic goals

  • Understand students as competent and responsible shapers of a globalised future
  • Expand university education in the specialist disciplines and alongside megatrends in a targeted way to include issues of international relevance
  • Offer members of the teaching staff encouragement to develop their international profiles and concepts
  • Shape an internationally open campus through social and digital innovation
  • Internationalise teaching offerings in a systematic and quality-assured manner

  • Increase participation in EU funding programmes
  • Networking with international partner universities
  • Establish international competence as qualification of junior researchers
  • Kickstart research careers and their international development

  • Internationalise e’ship activities
  • Create and promote innovative international start-ups
  • Strengthen knowledge transfer and research with society
  • Expand international practice cooperations

  • Make use of and develop the international experience and intercultural competence of staff members
  • Ensure international communication at HM
  • Ensure the international visibility of HM
  • Use and develop infrastructures and services for digital internationalisation processes and projects

  • Ensure equal opportunities in international activities
  • Raise the university’s profile and positioning at an international level over the long term
  • Establish international connections with strategic partner universities